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About Dr. Richelle Whittaker


Dr. Richelle Whittaker is an educational psychologist, maternal mental health specialist, licensed professional counselor-supervisor, parent advisor, author of Burps, Bibs, and Breakdowns: A 90 Day Journal for Moms, and host of the Raising Sons podcast. 


As a heart-centered leader, she is passionate about helping families win. Her work equips and empowers parents/caregivers with tools to close learning gaps, find work-life balance, and maintain mental wellness. She enjoys creating a space to help parents/caregivers explore tough topics and navigate solutions.


Dr. Whittaker is a mother and working parent, so she understands the challenges parents/caregivers face on multiple levels: at home, in school, and interpersonally. 


Her passion for cultivating resources and community for parents/caregivers actualizes itself through two businesses: Providential Counseling and Consulting, and Next Steps Coaching and Consulting.


Providential Counseling & Consulting Services offers services to schools and parents/caregivers to aid children academically and behaviorally. 


Next Steps Coaching and Consulting is comprised of two divisions – Next Steps @ Work, which partners with corporations to support working parents/caregivers, and Next Steps @ Home, which focuses on new parents/caregivers, those with children facing disabilities, and parents/caregivers raising boys. 


At its core, Dr. Whittaker’s work is about advocacy – being a voice and creating the space for families to thrive. 


"I thought I was going crazy. You identified all the things I was dealing with that I didn’t know was a thing. (postpartum depression)"

Dr. Richelle In Action

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Media Features


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Additional Features


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